• Last updated: May 01, 2015
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  1. An email address is at the heart of people's ID and makes possible a massive range of our daily interactions - with each other, with brands and shops, with government and employers.
  2. You can't buy with a credit card online without an email address.
  3. Your Facebook communications come to you via an email address.
  4. From SMS to IM to web 2.0, new technologies are constantly being touted as signalling the death of email. But all these new channels are rooted in one single place - email.
  5. Email remains the cheapest and single most effective way to deliver a marketing communication to an individual that has ever been invented.
  6. Young people are the only group that shows any resistance to email - and even they, as soon as they go to college or get a job, reach a point where they can't function without an email address.
  7. And as young people, their spending power is very limited, and much of their purchasing is done on their behalf - facilitated by their parents' email.
  8. Email has seen off RSS, SMS, IM, web 2.0 and more... Other channels will grow and perhaps be bigger, but for the foreseeable future their success will always be complementary to, not a replacement of, emails.