• Last updated: Oct 18, 2016
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From split tests to customer engagement, we've scoured the web this month to bring you our take on the smartest email thinking online. We discuss articles by Tim Watson, Jeanne Jennings and Mark Brownlow, while Alchemy Worx CEO Dela Quist takes a fresh look at subject lines in his latest seminar.

Split Decisions
Tim Watson tells us how to decide on test cell sample size for split tests without the need for complex formulas.

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Testing is a critical aspect of email marketing, but you need to be patient. By waiting as long as you can to analyse results, you're more likely to know what to expect when you eventually roll out your campaign.
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Tracking revenue per email
Jeanne Jennings discusses the value of calculating RPE, and asks why so few organisations are prepared to do the maths.

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When calculating ROI is too problematic, RPE is an effective way to evaluate the success of your campaigns and to set stretch targets for future performance.
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Attention please!
Want ideas on how to remove attention barriers from your email campaigns? Mark Brownlow serves up an excellent list of tactics to ensure your recipients remain engaged.

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Setting expectations during the sign-up process - and then meeting them - is the key to maintaining engagement. Yet when recipients fail to open four messages in a row, less than 1% will re-engage and a reactivation campaign should be considered.
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