• Last updated: Nov 05, 2014
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Litmus Launches Individual-level TrackingLast July we used Litmus Analytics to help us decide whether we should optimise Email-Worx for viewing on mobile devices. We found that only 3% of those opening that issue, did so on a mobile - certainly not enough to justify redesigning our templates. Although Litmus Analytics told us more about what devices and email clients our subscribers were using to open and read our email communications than we had known before, it left a huge question begging. Who were these people?

As you may know, the Alchemy Worx team are huge fans of subscriber or individual level analysis. It drives all our strategy. And without it, Litmus Analytics was a nice to have for us and by definition our client base.

So last week's announcement that Litmus Analytics now includes individual-level tracking was very welcome indeed! According to Dela our CEO, ق€œLitmus Analytics is no longer a nice to have for our clients. It's a must haveق€.

With it we will now be looking to answer many of the questions that we and our clients have been trying to answer over the last 18 months

- How many subscribers open only on their mobile or PC?
- How many subscribers open on both their mobile and their PC and if so in what order?
- Do subscribers who open on both spend more or less?
- Which device works best for opens/click and purchases?
- Which devices/domains are subscribers more likely to open twice on?
- Do some subject lines work better on mobiles?
- Are there any other factors that influence the proportion of mobile opens in a campaign?

Knowing this may change the way we approach the mobile challenge, and if it makes us do things differently it will be from a position of knowledge and not speculation.

We would love to hear from anyone who would like to find out more about how to use the Litmus Application to optimise their email program or would like to share their experiences.