• Last updated: May 12, 2016
  • Alchemy Worx

Colors, context, and content each shine out as we take a look back at some of our favorite emails over the last month.

House of Fraser

Subject line: I do... have the perfect outfit

This email stands out thanks to its fantastic use of layering and negative space. The cut-out effect of the font adds more depth to the visuals, and whitespace and images intersect to create a dynamic, geometric design that flows well and draws the reader down with it.




Subject line: Need a gift for the birthday girl?

Aesthetically pleasing, on-brand, classy and elegant – this email perfectly reflects Pandora's products. The colour of the stone is used well to create a strong theme and tie the design together. We also like the varied CTAs used throughout. The best part is, this email can be easily adapted for every month of the year!

Pandora April Favorite



Subject line: Turn your business into a BRAND (in one ebook)

This is a great exampe of how a newsletter can provide valuable information above and beyond pushing sales. There is only one promotional message, and the rest of the email is great content marketing. It shows a strong understanding of what their audience wants and needs, and how the brand can offer value to build a relationship.


Getting personal

Subject line: ☀ Your 15% Off Is Melting, George...

This subject line does a good job of grabbing a customer's attention thanks to the sun symbol and personalisation. It then carries through on its promise with a consistent and clear message in the body of the email. We like the sense of urgency that the melting ice lolly creates - a situation everyone has raced against at some time or other! It's a great theme that has been well executed.



Subject line: Hurry, your ICECREAM code melts at midnight...

Context and timeliness is what makes this email great -- the campaign was sent on the hottest day of the year. Positioning '99p' next to the image of the '99' ice cream is a quick but effective win that people can relate to.



Subject line: IT’S PAY DAY! Time to treat yourself, you’ve earned it

This subject line is very noticeable and hard to ignore! From the use of eye-catching symbols, to the relatable hook of 'it's payday', through to the persuasive, emotive comment of 'you've earned it' - there's plenty in play here to entice a subscriber to open.


English Country Cottages

Subject line: Ms Pay make the most of the Sun don’t miss out on your perfect place this weekend

This brand also maximized on the good weather by pushing a last-minute getaway. The intro uses urgency and emotive imagery to perfectly set out the reason to get away, and the content is carefully chosen and relevant. The whole thing is tied together through concise, effective copy. We certainly found the offer hard to resist...