• Last updated: Mar 23, 2016
  • Alchemy Worx

We’ve rounded up a selection of Valentine’s Day emails that set pulses racing. From high frequency programs to clever copy, these brands pulled out all the stops to win their customers’ affections.

Paperchase’s love story

Subject line: Don’t go baking my heart

There must be something in the air at Paperchase come Valentine’s Day because their email made our February favorites last year too. But the originality and imagination that went into this story, with products weaved in throughout, really stood out. It shows just how much you can do with email with a bit of time and creativity!


Valentine's Day email marketing from Paperchase


Hotel Chocolat’s frequent reminders

Subject line: Same-day delivery for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a big date in the chocolatier’s diary, and Hotel Chocolat’s email program happily reflected that. We received a total of 10 emails about Valentine’s Day from a month out, finishing with a daily message from 11th – 14th February. Each one used similar colours and themes so they felt part of a series, but different headlines and content stopped them from becoming too repetitive.


Valentine's Day email marketing from Hotel Chocolat

Evans’ Cinderella-inspired competition

Subject line: Missing shoe alert! Reunite them to win a free pair!

Evans drove customers to their site over Valentine’s Day with this Cinderella-inspired lost shoe competition. We like the unique idea – it’s a fun, on-theme way to get customers involved and engaging with the brand through the week. And the decision to add a cryptic clue in the email makes it even more tempting to click through and try to solve it!



Valentine's Day email marketing from Evans


Sandals’ refreshing approach

Subject line: Last chance to claim your Valentine’s gift

We like the execution of the main banner in this email. By using an illustration rather than the usual idyllic beach shot, the message is set apart from many other travel emails promoting romantic getaways. The animated reveal of ‘2 days left’ also adds a sense of urgency, although it’s a shame the static version didn’t include the message for those customers who wouldn’t see the animation.


Valentine's Day email marketing from Sandals


Paperless Post’s neat design

Subject line: Crazy little thing called...

We like way that both personality and information has been delivered so concisely in this email. Using single word headlines, neat rows of products (they almost look like they’re on a shelf) and meaningful CTAs, it manages to say a lot while still being quick to read and scroll through. It looks great on mobile too.

Valentine's Day email marketing from Paperless Post


Amanda Wakeley’s perfect match

Subject line: Meet your perfect match this Valentine's

Amanda Wakeley took a different approach to many retailers and instead of featuring ‘date night dressing’ they let their boyfriend jumper steal the show. It’s a great example of how, used cleverly, copy can convey a whole concept and make an email timely and relevant.


Valentine's Day email marketing from Amanda Wakeley



Let us know below which is your favorite.