• Last updated: Sep 29, 2016
  • Alchemy Worx

The use of call to actions can make or break an email campaign and the choice of color, style and wording should be thought about very carefully before being implemented into your emails. Here are a few call to actions that caught our eye.

SL: Open for a special surprise...
Big and colorful email, animated background gifs, and with a bulletproof button! The call to action – claim your exclusive offer – is also supported by a graphic. Who doesn’t like animated beets making puns?
Graze Email for September Favorites

SL: We want you to meet Sara, Mustafa and Karolina

About.me promote a lot of their users to their users to get you to check each other out. Each CTA that links to a user’s page has a unique CTA in that the front-loaded verb is related to their page and description on the email.

SL: September round-up: outperforming the competition by 20%—with happiness

Think what you will about ‘ghost buttons’ overall, but the simple and powerful “pick me” used in Typeform’s latest email for their promotion is certainly eye-catching and persuasive.

SL: Get these shoes in your closet now

Each CTA is specific to the shoe type displayed in the block; heels, boots, flats and sneakers. It’s a small but reassuring change, letting the user know they’re being directed specifically to a shoe category and not a generic shoe page.

SL: WIN Ascot tickets, plus £1,000 to spend on a new outfit

‘I want to enter’ – who wouldn’t want to try for tickets to the races for just buying a box of drinks? Best bit is that it takes you straight to the product page where the add to basket button is primed and ready for you to enter the competition! Easy-peasy!

SL: [eBook] Unbounce + VWO | 7 Conversion Centered Design Principles

Which would you rather receive – a copy of a document, or *your* copy of a document? Personalizing the call to action in this way builds exclusivity with readers that encourages them to act.