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From deep-data analytics to long-term planning and strategy, our consultants are dedicated to growing your business through email

No one “needs” strategic or tactical consulting help just to send an email. But if you’re looking to improve the performance of your email marketing program or to improve your conversion rate and bottom line, then intelligent email marketing strategy, smart email tactics and ongoing email testing are a must. If you’re serious about making your email marketing more effective and more profitable, then our consulting team can make it happen. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Data-driven approach
    The data shows us how recipients are engaging with your email messages. It helps us identify strengths as well areas of potential improvement. We go beyond opens and clicks to get to the heart of what’s working with your current program – and what’s not to unlock greater subscriber value.
  • Strategic qualitative changes
    We are experts at translating the data into actionable insights, which will have a positive impact on performance and boost ROI. We can justify every quantitative change we make with numbers – it’s not a case of blindly makings changes we hope will work.

  • Ongoing testing
    One big win is great – but it’s not enough. If you’re not consistently testing to improve the performance of your email marketing you’ll fall behind. We structure strategic testing programs based on your past results to optimize your email program and prioritize items with the potential for the biggest wins.

  • Implementation as well as recommendations
    The best formulated strategies can fail if they aren’t executed as intended by someone who understands the thought process behind them. We provide creative direction and beyond, to make sure every test has its best chance for success.

  • In-the-trenches experience
    Best practices are good – what’s better is an approach that has yielded a proven track record of bottom line success with email marketing for organizations in a variety of industries over 10, 15 or 20+ years. That’s what our lead consultants have – and that’s what you’ll benefit from when you work with us.


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About Alchemy

Established in 2001, Alchemy Worx is a global email marketing agency with over 70 employees across three continents.

They are the leading provider of Intelligent Automation, a pan-ESP solution that automates message delivery, content, analytics and optimisation so their clients can send highly personalised messages to everyone all the time.

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