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Underpinning every great email is expert, future-proofed code. Our HTML specialists will hand-build, optimize and defensively-code your emails to make sure they perform across platforms.

Here's how our HTML team will transform your designs into hand-coded fully mobile responsive emails that are optimized for more than 20 popular email clients:

  • We’re addicted to HTML
    Our developers live and breathe HTML. Just send us an initial design or PSD and they’ll transform it into an email template, newsletter or landing page. All our developers hand-code, rather than using WYSIWIG editors, creating high-quality, best-practice HTML that’s optimized for more than 20 popular email clients. Each finished piece is exhaustively tested and each link is hand-checked before it reaches your subscribers.
  • Clever with coding
    We’re always looking for ways to optimize code so we stay ahead of the curve. We use defensive design to make sure emails are readable without images loaded, and push the boundaries even further by adopting techniques like Pixel Art to create robustly impactful designs without jeopardizing deliverability.
  • Mobile optimization as standard
    Our HTML specialists are masters at multi-screen optimization. And that’s just as well, because optimizing email campaigns for mobile is no longer optional. We create responsive templates that render smooth and hitch-free in major email clients, internet browsers and operating system combinations across multiple devices.
  • The perfect mix of creative and technical
    Our dedicated HTML team is full of people who are a little obsessed with code and design, and who love to rise to the challenges of the email channel. We build premium emails that combine the creativity of design with the technicalities of coding to make sure that when your subscribers open your email, they see it exactly how you intended.

Want expertly hand-crafted emails that excel on every platform?

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About Alchemy

Established in 2001, Alchemy Worx is a global email marketing agency with over 70 employees across three continents.

They are the leading provider of Intelligent Automation, a pan-ESP solution that automates message delivery, content, analytics and optimisation so their clients can send highly personalised messages to everyone all the time.

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