Dela Quist

Dela Quist


Dela is an internationally renowned email marketing thought leader who uses innovative data analysis to challenge many of the myths and preconceptions in the industry. One of Excite’s first European directors, he pioneered email as a marketing channel back in the 1990s, and worked closely with UKNet Year on a groundbreaking initiative to develop free, child-friendly and safe email addresses for all UK school pupils. Dela has served many years as a member of the UK DMA’s Email Marketing Council and chair of the EMC’s Benchmarking Hub. He has also served on the executive management group of the IAB and on the steering committee of Future of European Advertising Stakeholders (FAST). Dela is also popular on the international speaking circuit, where his lively, thought-provoking style makes even the most seasoned marketers re-think their views on email.

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Established in 2001, Alchemy Worx is a global email marketing agency with over 70 employees across three continents.

They are the leading provider of Intelligent Automation, a pan-ESP solution that automates message delivery, content, analytics and optimisation so their clients can send highly personalised messages to everyone all the time.

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