The Nudge Effect: Unlock the Branding Power of Email

If you think email marketing is all about "open rates" and how to improve them, it’s time to think again. Every message you send delivers a powerful brand impression to the recipient which is why email has such a significant impact on every other digital channel - driving incremental engagement, traffic and sales. Even your inactive subscribers can be influenced by the email you send! This is the Nudge Effect.

Read this guide and discover:

  • Why you should redefine your campaign objectives
  • How to include a branding strategy in your subject lines
  • Email’s true role in improving traffic and conversions in other channels

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About Alchemy

Established in 2001, Alchemy Worx is a global email marketing agency with over 70 employees across three continents.

They are the leading provider of Intelligent Automation, a pan-ESP solution that automates message delivery, content, analytics and optimisation so their clients can send highly personalised messages to everyone all the time.

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