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For almost two decades, we’ve been helping businesses use their data to create, manage, and deploy marketing strategies that stand the test of time. Trusted by over 115 brands, Alchemy Worx has seen success in many different industries including apparel, cosmetics, jewelry, auto, food/beverages, financial, and more. We focus on test and learn practices, segmentation, calendar creation, and effective campaigning to grow email programs. Clients can see an 80% lift in email revenue during their first 12 months and a $19 cost per acquisition on social.

New York
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The Team

Allan Levy
Chief Executive Officer

We believe in data. To us, it’s the raw material needed to truly make an impact with marketing. Contact us today to learn how you can begin capturing more revenue with each message you send.

Dela Quist
Chief Marketing Officer
Team Members
Around the world

Alchemy Worx works closely with the marketing operations teams of enterprise clients whose currency is one of finite resource and limited bandwidths. Alchemy Worx tailors programs to upskill existing resources with test and learn methodologies and to expand efficiencies in execution. Alchemy Worx has built a cross-industry practice around global and digital marketing transformation. We work with senior business leaders to inject digital channel constructs into the DNA of their marketing teams.

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