7 ways to make your landing pages pay

Last updated: 
March 5, 2020

Last updated: Jul 27, 2017 admin Landing pages have fallen out of favour lately. But are they really worth the extra effort?Here are 7 ways to use landing pages the smart way:1. Communicate valueA landing page can be a great way to show your subscribers the value of being on your email list. Giving them extra content and money-saving offers which aren't available directly on your website adds extra motivation to interact with you through your email programme in the long term. It could be a special-offer coupon, a game, early notification of a sale or valuable article-based content.2. When space is at a premiumSpreading your message across an email and a landing page gives you extra real estate to play with. Try putting fine details on your landing page to make more room in your email for a wider range of products and services. You'€™ll be able to appeal to many different subscribers with one email.3. When you need it right nowIt'€™s usually much quicker and easier to create a landing page than to make additional pages on your website. So it's great if you need to create a page to link to from your email quickly and flexibly. The speed and agility also means you can create multiple landing pages tailored to different audiences.4. When basic HTML just isn'€™t enoughEmail is very limited by functionality, so if you want to create more advanced content for your subscribers, a landing page could fit the bill. Use one for anything from a data-capture form to a fun Java-based game.5. To give your audiences what they really wantBy clicking on a particular link, a subscriber is telling you what interests them about your product or service. Use this information to tailor your landing page to your subscriberق€™s motivators, and deliver relevant content.6. To track dataThe information you collect from clicks to your landing page is essential for keeping your subscriber preference data up to date. You can also use it for future segmentation and targeting. This is particularly important for emotional links (the in-text links and highly visible calls to action), which typically generate the majority of revenue. Clicks from emotional links usually come from subscribers who need more convincing than those who click on functional links (the less-signposted links found in your templates and headers).7. If you'€™re concerned about emails reaching inboxesIf deliverability is an issue for you, encouraging your subscribers to click becomes more important than ever. Email clients look at the interactions that users make to determine whether your messages make it into their inboxes. So encouraging clicks should (as ever) be a priority.If your emails only ever link to your website, subscribers will learn over time that there'€™s no real benefit to clicking when they could just navigate straight to your site. A dedicated landing page gives them a more compelling reason to interact.Making landing pages that matterAn email's role is to drive site traffic, and a website'€™s role is to convert visitors. But a well-developed landing page can add to your website'€™s conversions rather than adding an unnecessary step to the process. The key is to only include landing pages when they're needed.You can optimise your email design and copy to encourage clicks by including a short piece of 'teaser' copy and a strong call to action. After that, use the essentially limitless space on your landing page to promote yourself or your specific products.Want more advice on optimising your email marketing? Get in touch

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