Ahem, RFM: Don't Forget The Direct Mail Verities When Doing Your Email Marketing

Last updated: 
December 23, 2020

Remember RFM? That acronym, which stands for Recency-Frequency-Monetary, was the bedrock of direct-mail targeting.

Things are more complicated now. But those variables could still serve as a foundation for customer engagement online, along with cadencing, according to CRM Strategies for the Holidays, a paper by AlchemyWorx.

Let’s say you’re lacking a proper CDP and can’t delve too much into browsing history, demographics, location or other considerations. It would be a good idea to focus on:

  • Recency — How recently a customer made a purchase
  • Frequency — How often a customer makes a purchase
  • Monetary — How much money a customer spends
  • Cadence — How often a customer is mailed

Read the full article by Media Post here.

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