Are your emails s***?

Last updated: 
November 24, 2020

Welcome to another chapter of Fear and Self-loathing in Email Marketing, Dela Quist's iconoclastic take on the industry he's devoted over 20 years of his career to. Read it now: Are your emails s***?

Are your emails s***? is likely to ruffle a few feathers. In it, Dela argues that spam is primarily a problem of perception and not reality. It is time, he says, for legitimate email marketers - who bend over backwards not to be seen as spammers - to stop feeling so guilty about something they don't even do. And to get on and see what happens if they send an extra email. No one would send spam if it didn't get results, after all, and regular marketers can get results using the same techniques that work for spammers. Also in this chapter:

Why it's not the end of the world if teenagers don't open your emails

What to say when someone tells you 'spam is anything someone thinks is spam'™

Why spam wouldn't have caught on if IT departments weren't such big Monty Python fans

Read part 1 of Fear and Self-Loathing in Email Marketing now: Unlocking the brand potential of email marketing.

Extra chapter -read about Dela's journey in email marketing, and why he's uniquely placed to write this series: Why should you listen to me?

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