Need a Little Inspiration for Mother's Day?

Last updated: 
April 20, 2021

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! To stand out amongst other brands during busy holidays, you must create an easy experience with helpful information for subscribers to find the right gift. A subtle nod to the theme of the holiday can work together with the brand rather than take over the mailing. Here are some of our favorite Mother’s Day campaigns:


UrbanStems included a banner that gave subscribers the option to opt-out of receiving Mother’s Day messaging. This is a mindful way to promote the holiday, showing sensitivity to customers whose moms have passed away or aren’t in their lives. Make sure to send far enough in advance so you have time to suppress the opt-outs from your subscriber list. 


Adina’s Jewels also takes a mindful approach, using more inclusive messaging by saying “Celebrate your mom or special figure in style this year”. Although not everyone has a relationship with their mom, many can think of an older friend, aunt, or maybe neighbor that has been motherly towards them. Another way to say this would be “Shop for mom, or anyone who’s been like a mother to you!”.

ReserveBar uses its delivery service to appeal to those who may not be seeing their loved ones this Mother’s Day. Adding an e-gift card banner in your mailings will allow those same people or last-minute shoppers to purchase a gift for their loved ones. 

ReserveBar also developed a gift guide that allows shoppers to quickly and easily find the right gift. This banner appeals to many women by incorporating different types of alcohol while keeping with a consistent theme.

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