Uncorked and Uncut: The One with Dela Quist and the Row of bottles

Last updated: 
October 29, 2020

Dela Quist. The name strikes fear in many…ok, not really. Dela is a force to be reckoned with in the email industry but behind the scenes, he’s one of the nicest and most authentic people we have met in the industry over the years.

Not soft-spoken, Dela has been a part of the ecosystem for quite a while as a business owner and thought leader. What sets him apart is his unique approach to topics and dispelling ideas that have become “normal” in our industry. Like him or not, Dela brings a perspective that should be considered. During our time with Dela, we kicked back a bit and talked about his childhood in Ghana, hobbies like cooking and wine, and what drives him in this industry. His perspective is interesting, to say the least, and we got a lot out of our chat. Oh, for those that stick around to the end, we learn his REAL FIRST NAME! WHOA! We were incredibly grateful to have Dela join this episode.

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