Why Halloween Is Important for Your Holiday Success (It’s Not What You Think)

Last updated: 
February 4, 2022

Halloween is sometimes over looked by marketers who are focused on the bigger sales events that follow in November and December including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas. However, Halloween generates high levels of engagement providing marketers with a great opportunity to reactivate customers, as well as create and test customized journeys ahead of the bigger holidays to come.


Use the Lure of Halloween Treats to Reactivate Customers


Use the month of October to reactivate customers before the core holiday push. Go through your unengaged list 2 to 3 times to get customers to start opening messages again. Any revenue you generate is a bonus! The goal is to re-engage your unengaged subscribers in advance of Black Friday.


Why is this key? Studies show recently engaged customers generate around 7x more revenue. Therefore, getting customers engaged in October will pay dividends in November and December.


Run engagement rather than dollar-driving sales. Thank You Sales are good for driving opens while Mystery Sales (with Halloween themes) are great click drivers. Taking advantage of Halloween to activate more customers can have the added benefit of protecting deliverability as your mailing volume increases during the busiest time of your sales calendar.

Supercharge Reactivation with Audience Management

Reactivated email addresses are worth 2.5 - 7X more than an inactive email address. Learn how you can accelerate reactivation with an Audience Management strategy that leverages your entire list to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time.

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Test and Learn Before Halloween to Improve Conversion Rates


Testing should be conducted year-round, but your holiday-specific tests should be run in October. Take advantage of the rise in consumer activity leading up to Halloween to run tests on imagery, subject lines, messaging, calls-to-action, and offers. Doing so can help you avoid unexpected issues during the critical high-volume purchase months of November and December.


Last year, Trick or Treating was more subdued than usual due to Covid-19, but the event still provided a valuable platform for fine tuning audience management. This year the latest official advice is that outdoor Halloween festivities are safe enough to proceed.


Whether you look at another Halloween under the shadow of the pandemic as a treat bag half empty or half full, one thing is certain: using Halloween to focus on reactivating customers, create custom journeys then test and learn can position you for success in the holiday season to come.

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