Fotolia is a leader in stock imagery. Our idea for the concept lay behind one of their USP’s which was “image relevance”. One of the main frustrations graphic designers have is struggling to find the right image, so we created a play on words using homonyms. The email was animated to mock the search box on the Fotolia site. So for example someone types in “bass” wanting an image of a guitar but a fish appears instead. The copy line that went with the concept was equally important – are your images striking the wrong note? Finding homonyms and a relevant copy line for each country was a challenge, but the aim of the campaign was to inject some humor that graphic designers could relate to. We launched recently and waiting for the results to be processed.

We have recently completed a full email program for Fotolia from the Welcome stage to Conversion. Although each email was unique in its creative approach and messaging, it was a key requirement that they were all consistent and looked like a family of templates. We used a number of innovative techniques to help establish the brand as part of the creative community, one of which was highlighted by CreativePool in their weekly newsletter promoting creativity .

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