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Learning to speak your customer’s language isn’t easy. They joined your list because they believed you had something important to say. But are you speaking to them often enough? And how much is too much? The key is to find a balance between saying too little (potentially leaving a lot of revenue on the table) and contacting them too frequently. Learn to strike that balance by looking at the data and learning exactly how your customers want to be contacted. We'll help you make that happen, by building you a messaging strategy that's…

  • Revenue Unleashed – We design marketing strategies that continuously grow your business. By listening to the data, we unlock an average of 100% more revenue. We’ll ensure you have access to ongoing concise reporting, helping our team continue to tweak your messaging based on KPIs, uncover new ROI opportunities, and maximize your customer lifetime value.
  • Tested, and Tested Again – It’s in our DNA, and a key part of our culture. We test, we assess, we learn, and then we test again. Our data scientists, messaging specialists, and creative team design targeted campaigns with a strategy that’s objectively better for your business. We collect the right data and turn our insights into a better approach to reach next level performance.
  • Automation – Connect with your customers at the right moment (when they subscribe, abandon their cart, browse your website, etc.) and create valuable experiences for them, triggered automatically by their actions. Customize the timing, offer, frequency, and channels used to deliver these messages, in order to match their expectations in an authentic way.
  • Driven by Data – Our core belief is that data matters. We dive deep into analyzing your relationship between different audiences (best customers, repeat customers, one time buyers and prospects) and the messages that perform best for each individual audience. We look at all your online marketing channels (SMS, Social, Search, etc.) and the interrelated impact. However, we don’t just look at the numbers— we translate them into actionable ideas that are tested repeatedly. Together, we’ll work with you to create compelling and relevant marketing solutions that drive ROI and accelerate growth.
  • Built by the Best, for the Future – We’ve been growing businesses through better messaging for over 20+ years. With that much experience in the game, we know what works, and what’s about to come. Technology changes, your customers change, and best practices quickly become yesterday’s news. But by using data to continuously adapt and improve, we’ll help you put together future-proof marketing strategies that keep you one step ahead of an ever-shifting world.

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Stop Looking at the Data… Listen to It Instead

At Alchemy Worx, we’re known for our data-based approach to marketing. After all these years, we’ve learned that the best way to improve your marketing’s ROI is to listen to the data. That’s why our clients hire us— we use real, hard data to create marketing strategies that actually work. Not just on paper, but in the real world. Contact us today, and we’ll show you how to do exactly that.

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Case Studies

Product Recommendation Banners Increase Sales for Brayola

Brayola is an online lingerie retailer that helps shoppers find better-fitting bras. Its bra analyzer and extractor identify bras based on size, style, color, price, materials, purpose, quality, and attributes.

Creative Model Swap Increases Revenue for American Giant

Founded in 2011, e-commerce merchant American Giant sells high-quality men’s and women’s casual apparel such as sweatshirts, hoodies, T-shirts, work shirts, button-up styles, crew sweaters, vests, jackets and an assortment of premium denim products.

Navigation Bar Test Increases Clicks for jClub

jClub is a deals site that offers deep discounts on products across a wide variety of categories including apparel, beauty, electronics, home, shoes, handbags, luggage, watches, fragrance, designer and branded goods.The online retailer sends daily emails featuring hot new deals to more than half a million customers. However, the template jClub was using failed to represent the wide breadth of product offerings on the site.

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